A young Brazilian boy who has dreams of playing the beautiful game for his country encounters the reality of life in the slums. In one morning during a game, his soccer dreams are challenged by circumstances beyond his reach and understanding.

Meet the Team


Eduardo Rufeisen

Director, Writer, Executive Producer

As the Senior Advisor of Advertising for Bosch-Blaupunkt group in Brazil, he directed ad campaigns for print, TV, and Radio. As marketing manager of MTV-Brazil, he created advertising campaigns for television and managed the sales accounts. As a producer for a network television in Brazil, BAND, he was in charge of the budget and ratings for more than 100 TV shows.

In the last year, Eduardo Rufeisen created his production company where he can produce and direct his own independent films and documentaries. In 2014 he produced and directed “Human Resources”, exhibited at the Film Market in the Palm Springs Film Festival and in the New Filmmakers Film Festival in New York. He recently completed a short drama, “It was Dali” and a short comedy, “A Movie Set” that are going through the festival circuit in 2015. He is in production of a short 3D animation about the dreams of a young soccer player in Brazil confronted by the social reality of the country, and in pre-production of a film about two photographers falling in love through their work, to be shot in Paris later this year. His feature documentary about the psychology of power during the Nuremberg trial is now in post-production.


Rea Lankford- Art Director

To all who have come this far down the line of Bio’s, hey and thanks for taking the time to read about the frontline of Menino Do Rio! Seriously, it gives us all kinds of warm, fizzy feelings. This here is Rea Lankford, she is the Art Supervisor on the development and has been supporting the Director’s vision before there was a finalized script. She strongly believes there is power in relaying information through animation and is working to get Menino Do Rio out to broadcast a strong message to the viewers towards anti-violence. Rea, away from the project, is a Freelance Artist in San Francisco with a BFA in Visual Development, earned from the Academy of Arts University. Her personal life consists of working, eating, sleeping, repeat.


N. Anh Nguyen- Producer

Currently producing independent films and attended the Academy of Art University for her Master degree in Production Management. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and VFX Producing. Anh Nguyen started to work on a short independent Animation film Menino Do Rio, directed by Eduardo Rufeisen. She is woking on projects in collaboration with Academy of Art University. Producing Day Job, directed by Eve Skylar, coordinating VFX on Mad God, directed by Phil Tippett, and coordinating VFX on AWOL, feature directed by Deb Shoval. On the side, she is working on creating a web series, shorts, and animated pilot.


Anson Yu- Marketing and Promotion Producer

Wei-Cheng (Anson) Yu is an aspiring animation producer from Taipei ,Taiwan. He has devoted himself to animation and film producing. He has gained the knowledge of animation and film producing at the Academy of Art University where he achieved an MFA degree. He has worked as a producer on an independent animation project called “SOAR” for the past two years in school. For extracurricular activity, he also worked as a production assistant on an indie-film called “America Is Still The Place” which will be released in 2015. Currently, he is working on the independent animated short “Menino Do Rio” as marketing producer.


Nicholas Moy- Production Assistant Producer

Nicholas Moy grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area which has exposed him to a diverse amount of art styles. He obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco which has geared him with a wide variety of digital and traditional art skills. His goals are to bring dreams and imagination to life through movies and games. It is because we cannot actually fight hordes of aliens or adventure through ancient cities that he aims to bring all day dreamers one step closer to being a hero in a fantasy world!

Our Mission

We hope you will share our ideas of helping children in Brazil reach their dreams and goals. Children should not be stopped by violence in an adult's world.

The children's future is smothered beneath the game of money and power accompanying with the economic growth in Brazil. They deserve a pleasant and safe environment to grow up in. They may not be wealth but they still have dreams.

This situation is worldwide and we can help all; one step at a time.

If you are affiliated with a social organization related to this issue, we welcome collaboration for this cause.